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This forum is intended to help fight against fraud.
What is fraud? We shall go into detailed definitions later. But anyone trying to take undue advantage of you, or who presents fake or false or untrue info/identity with the intention of reaping/deriving benefits that don't belong to him is a thief, a fraudster, a SCAMMER!
So, lets use this forum to help others by:

1. Sharing our past experiences with fraudsters, wether they were successful or not. It could be a known experience too, not necessarily personal.

2. Presenting to others for the purpose of seeking suggestions or advice on seemingly fraudulent offers or promises or deals or contracts. People's view or suggestions can avert a lot of crises.

3. Commenting on cases and giving suggestions and advices on scenarios. We will end up saving a lot of lives and property.

We love you all. Let's get it going!

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