How I solved Google Play Store 'Download Pending' Error Problem

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October 18th, 2019, 3:00 am

Today's solution: How to fix or resolve the Google Play Store 'Download Pending' Error Problem.

Play Store is the app world for Android device users. Here you download and install new approved and safe apps into your Android phone or tab. You also update outdated and updated apps directly.
However, sometimes you encounter the error message: Download Pending when you try installing or updating your app without any obvious reasons. You cancel and restart the installation or update but to no avail. What could likely be the problem? You disable and re-enable your data source. Still no. Here's the solution I found.

I faced same problem days ago. I wanted to update an app. It froze at the Download Pending stage for days! Deyum! And I needed the update fast. So I had to start trying all means.

How to fix Google Play Store 'DOWNLOAD PENDING' error
There are many approaches but depend on the cause. Could it be insufficient Device memory? Weak network? Cache error?

1. Clear Google Play Store app cache and data!
This worked charm for me. This resolved mine instantly. Note that I tried to download or update other apps and I face same error. So it wasn't peculiar to the very app I was downloading. But this method resolved it. I cleared Play Store app cache and data.
To do this, go to your Android device app list under Settings. Select Google Play Store. Select Storage. Then clear both Cache and App Data. Now go to launch your Play Store app and restart your installation or update. This worked for me!

Other suggested solutions are:

2. Check your internet data source
In case the above wasn't your case, what if your internet speed was weak? Check that. Disable and re-enable your data source. Try other activities like browsing the net on browsers. This could resolve it.

3. Insufficient Device Memory?
Well this could also be a major culprit. It wasn't in my case. But I recommend you check your device memory first even before attempting other methods. If your device space cannot take more installation or update, you will likely face the Download Pending error.

Free up some space. Uninstall unneeded apps. Delete unneeded multimedia and files to free up space. Then go back to retry your download or update.

4. Reboot!
This looks like easy step but this may be all that's needed to make your download or installation not hang at the Download Pending error stage. A device restart tends to correct any temporary files corruption error and more. This is and this tutorial is original.

With these suggestions and especially banking on my own experience, you should quickly resolve the error and move on quickly to face other activities.

Do you know or did you try any other method to resolve the Google Play Store 'Download Pending' Error Problem? Or did all these suggestions fail you? Or did they help? Share your points below.

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