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If your smartphone battery is not charging properly it doesn't mean it is broken. The problem can be much simpler than you think. Take a look at these 9 ways to fix the battery that isn't charging.

USB port fix

Sometimes the micro USB charger and the metallic surfaces inside the USB port don't have good contact. It can be a manufacturing defect or because you often plugged and unplugged the charging cable.

Just shut down your device, remove the battery if that's possible and lever up the little tab inside the USB port with the help of a toothpick.

Remove dust

If you keep your phone in the pocket of your jeans a lint could get into your USB port. You can blow it out with a can of compressed air and get the USB connection back to normal.

Switch cables

Check your USB cable. Try another one. If your phone is charging your previous cable is at fault. You can also connect the potential fault cable with the other device.

Check the dodgy adapter
The wall plug adapter can become a little loose when you often plug and unplug the cable. Check it also with different device or cable.

Replace the battery

The more often you recharge and discharge your battery the sooner they need replacing. If your battery has busted in a couple of months it may be faulty. In such a case you can make a warranty claim for a free replacement. However, if you use it for two years it can come to the end of its lifespan.

Charge from the right source

Remember that the USB port on your computer can't charge your battery as fast as your wall socket because it doesn't deliver so much power.

Also, check if both your charger and the USB cord are appropriate for your device. A charger from another phone might not deliver the same amount of juice as your previous one.

Check your phone's updates

If you upgrade your old device to current software it can struggle with your battery. In this situation, you can roll the device back to an earlier Android version. Of course, it causes some security risk, you should consider this.

However, sometimes the battery life of your device can be improved by an update. So if you haven't updated your phone for a long time we advise you to do that right now.

Switch it off
If you charge your device while using it it will take longer to charge it. Switch your phone to airplane mode when you are charging it.

Check the voltage and amperage

Download the free Amperage app, open it and connect your phone with the charger. If the interface goes green and you see "measuring" text everything is okay. If nothing happens the charger or the USB cord doesn't suit to your device.

The app shows the charging statistics. You can now choose the best charger for your phone.

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Have you suffered from a smartphone that won't charge properly? Let us know if you've found a fix that we haven't mentioned here in the comments.

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Thanks a bunch. Information is power.
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