How Your CV Can Prevent Your Dream Job

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May 16th, 2016, 6:35 am

50 Free Professional Résumé Modification and Job Placements.

Many of the biggest companies in the world are using software to recruit their workforce, so how
can you beat the odds in the most competitive job market in history?

If you take the time to fill in a job application, you might think someone would at least have the
courtesy to actually look at it.
But as more and more job applications are made online, companies are increasingly turning to computer programs to help manage the load.

This means it's as likely as not it won't be someone vetting you - but something.
These programs, called applicant tracking systems, scan your CV to decide whether you move on in the process or fall at the first hurdle.

Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want. Trust Us to Deliver and You'll be Stunned at the Result Within A Week.

Get responses to your resumes within 20 minutes of sending them out and get job offers
within two weeks. You will be
stunned by the results you'll get

"If you can't sell yourself and put the best stuff you've got in the first third of your resume, the employer is going to get bored and toss it".
"Nobody has time to really dig into a resume and look at the details.They want to know right at the beginning, 'What
can you do for me?'"


We will make your CV much more professional and also submit it to companies, organizations and outsourcing firms on your behalf.

We want to give 50 graduates an opportunity to be well employed by preparing a more professional résumé and submitting it to companies and outsourcing firms for them for free.

If you know you have been sending your CV out to companies without any response from them. Then, your CV needs a professional modification that will attract every organization you send out your CV and you'll be stunned on how you'll be getting invites for interviews based on your professional CV.

Please note that its only for the first 50 graduates that submits answers our questionnaire. once we count 50 persons we'll stop.

call : 08139094571

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July 12th, 2016, 9:59 am

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