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Today I will be revealing more information about this thief they call Akaahan Terungwa. He is a scam and conman just out there to dupe you of your hard earned money. is his scamming tool where he lures his victims. He carefully makes the blog look real, he copies and paste posts from other peoples blogs on that his useless blog. Please beware of Akaahan Terungwa because he is a crook.

Akaahan Terungwa is a scam and though I am not supposed to be giving him this cheap publicity because he is a desperate attention seeker, I have to do my duty and expose a man that duped me off 45,000 Naira all in the name of online business.

Akaahan Terungwa is a Scam and 419.

When I first met him i thought he was real since he gave me a free ebook to download. (I was not aware until now that giving you free ebook is a way to trap you).

After a while, he sent another email telling me that I should pay some certain amount of money so a blog will be setup for me and I will start making good money online.

As a young graduate who was in need of a breakthrough, I quickly paid, he told me it will cost 45,000 for the blog.

Though before I paid, I asked Akaahan Terungwa if we could meet, he told me we cannot that he is in Benue state. This is a big lie.

Akaahan Terungwa is based in Lagos, but he poses like he is in far away Benue state just to carry out his scams.

If you tell him that you are in Benue, he will formulate another lie like "I just traveled out of Benue this morning, I am in Abuja at the moment"

What a cheap scammer!

He assured me that he was not a scam. I trusted him and paid the money for the Blog.

As soon as the money entered his account, he stopped picking my calls, blocked my number and sent me a text telling me that "I should be smarter next time, that why will I trust someone I have not met" till today the blog I paid him for has not been sent, to refund my money too is a problem.

That is how I got duped by this criminal.

The lesson I learnt: Never trust or pay money to someone you have never met.

Akaahan Terungwa is a scam artist
Akaahan Terungwa is a scammer
Akaahan Terungwa is a fraud

He will try to contact the moderators to sweet talk them so that they will take this post down. Mods, don't listen to this thief called Akaahan Terungwa, he is a scam

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#4 » by Femitola (β0) » October 30th, 2016, 7:56 am

This man scammed me too

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