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There are things that every driver should keep in his car to be organized, productive and safe.
Here is a list of the things you will need in your car in the most road situations:

Key documents]
Use your glove box to keep your car's owner's manual, proof of car insurance and your AAA (roadside assistance card.

Wipes and napkins

Stash napkins, moist wipes and paper towels for the cases when someone spills coffee in your car or kids make a mess. Also, keep a clean rag in the trunk for bigger messes to wipe oil or change a flat.

Extra charger for your phone

Don't carry away the phone charger from the car. Buy a few ones for every place you stay for a long time. They will be on hand when you need them most. They will be on hand when you need them most. You can find them for cheap on Swapix Nigeria, for example:


You will need it if you still don't have an extra charger in your car or if you are broken down without lights on the road. Swapix Nigeria will help you out in this case.

Mini tool kit

You are not a mechanic, but it doesn't mean you won't need it in unexpected situations on the road.

Water bottle

Keep a water bottle in your car and you won't waste money on beverages while you are out.

Gift cards and coupons

Replace your gift cards and coupons from kitchen drawer to your car and you will forget you saying "next time I'm in the area". They will always be on hand.

Grocery bags

Did you count how much you pay for grocery bags each time you stop at a supermarket? Keep a stack of them in your trunk and you will save some money.

Working pen and notebook

Did you notice that every time you need to jot something down you don't have pen and paper on hand? Put them in your glove box and forget about such problem!

First aid kit

It's the thing we hope we will never need. Better keep it in the car as well and replace it once in a few years to find it useful when you really need it.

Loose change

We always have to pay for parking meters and toll booths. Why not put the loose change left after the shopping in a box in the car?

Weather gear

You will pat yourself on the back when you find a spare baseball cap on a sunny day, a rain poncho when it's raining and a hoodie when it's cold at the night road. People sell plenty of them on Swapix Nigeria. You don't need an expensive one, do you?

Picnic blanket

Again it will help you if the weather is chilly. And it also comes in handy on the concerts, games and other outdoor events.

What other useful things do you keep in your car? Share your experience in the comments below!

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