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I got a phone call from a person claiming to represent the US Government. He wanted to speak to my (adult) daughter, but I was suspicious, and asked him for details. He said that she had missed jury duty, and was about to be arrested, but if we acted quickly, we could avert the damage.

I told him that I wanted to protect her, and that, if possible, it would be best if she never even learned about the problem. What could I do? He said that for a $500 fee, they could expedite a document that would avoid all prosecution. I said I would do that; how do we proceed? He said we could meet at a local CVS Pharmacy; he would bring the forms, I could sign them, and he would file them. But he had to get the funds in cash, not check or credit card.

I agreed to do this, but (I said) I needed to have his cell phone number so I could find him. He was reluctant, but I insisted. He handed his phone over to his boss. I was so sincere, and so compliant, that he met my request, and gave me the cell phone number.

I then told the man that I was reporting the scam, and that his cell phone number would soon be inoperative. If it is possible for them to trace who had bought it, then he would be in even deeper trouble.

He got very upset with me. He asked me if I was a psychologist. (That’s because my counter-scam had seemed professional to him.) We chatted for about ten minutes. I told him that his scam was unfair and harmful. He responded by saying that he only took money from people who had cheated the government. I suggested that he get a better job. He said he had tried, but six months ago he had been released from prison, and all prospective employers had turned him down.

He finished with some chilling words: “You realize, of course, that I know where you live.”


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