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#1 » by Excelsior (β551) » September 27th, 2019, 4:59 am
Nigerian universities and NYSC produce about a million fresh graduates each year and push them into the already saturated job market. Well, because we have so many unemployed graduates, we are quick to blame the government for not creating enabling environment and also for not creating jobs for these people. I agree. That's not wrongly placed blame. But I have another observation.


What is the quality of the graduates produced by these universities? Are they qualified for the future or they are half-baked? The truth is: there are some basic expectations of a graduate. Once they are not met then these will contribute negatively to the future of such grad, including his ability to land a job or kickstart a good career. And that's why we cannot blame only the government for all the woes of the unemployed Nigerian graduate.

I have a first-hand experience with a graduate to drive home my point. My experience with her shows that Nigeria may be producing so many half-baked graduates yearly who are not prepared and neither are they qualified for the life after school yet. What happened?


I have strong affiliation with a large international hospitality firm and I was privy to internal information of some open job vacancies there. I was determined to help any next qualified graduate I met so he could submit application quickly for that opportunity. And behold, the first one I met dampened my enthusiasm to want to help more. This is what happened.

"Hi Kate. I learned you've been looking for job for over a year now after you graduated. I may have a small window of opportunity open for you. There's this international hospitality firm I'm affiliated with and I know for sure they're taking applications. And it's an urgent one. Can I have your CV right now?" I asked.

Kate (not real name): "Wow! Thank you sir. But I'm so sorry sir. But I forgot my CV in Ibadan! I'm here for a friend's party. I'll be traveling back by weekend. Can I send it by Monday sir? Thanks for your help sir. God bless you sir!"

Did I hear that right? I pretended I didn't hear her right. I repeated my request.

"I mean just your CV for now."

"Yes sir. It's in my credentials in Ibadan. I don't have it here sir. I promise to send it first thing Monday morning sir."

I: "Ok now, enjoy your party."

I bet you missed the point.

She's been searching for employment for over a year. She traveled to a neighboring state. Yes, you can leave your paper CV behind. But your CV should be in your head (or on your phone or email or online) and you must be able to access it anywhere anytime in 21st century (digital age) without any need to travel to pick it up!

You see, I can compare a job-hunting graduate to a warrior. A warrior is supposed to be battle ready day and night. In fact, based on my expectations of a modern Nigerian universities graduate, I believe a few moments in the nearest computer centre should produce your résumé! Irrespective of your location if you are really prepared.

In the award-winning book The Richest Man In Babylon, there's this quotation about how opportunities work that remained in my head. And about the importance of always being ready, prepared. It said:

"Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with anyone not prepared!"

And she may never return. And from my experiences in life, this very goddess may unexpectedly and momentarily sit on your laps. It takes preparedness to be able to identify her quickly as "Princess Opportunity" and and have the boldness to quickly take hold of her garment and say:

"I shall not let go of your garment until you bless me!"

Such was not the case of Kate! She was half-baked. She was unprepared. She was not qualified. She disqualified herself immediately. At least the task of sorting numerous applications by the employer was lessened by one.

I remember my NYSC year when I got my priorities right and sacrificed mouthwatering local allowance in order to serve in a place where I could learn computing. I worked for free there because I knew I needed computer skills like the air we breathe. And it made a huge difference in my career today.

Makes me wonder: what do Nigerian graduates do during NYSC? Just collect N19775 and sleep? Our graduates are not ready and are not prepared for the life after! And this sad situation contributes it's own huge quota to the level of joblessness in our country.

Maybe better orientation will help. Maybe our tertiary curriculum should be tuned to suit the age we are. Maybe NYSC should incorporate better orientation into the service year to help finish what the schools have started.


Opportunity lost may never be regained. Spend more time upgrading yourselves. The world is moving fast. Anyone crawling will not only be left behind but may also be trampled on!

Seek further knowledge. Quit useless network that's not adding value to you. Join graduate networks that keep you blessed with latest in your world!

Prepare! Take computer and digital skills seriously. In fact, robots are competing and winning most of the jobs you guys are spending years in university to come and take.

You're in competition, not only with fellow graduates but also with robots. So this is not the time to be dormant.

Stay abreast of latest developments in the real world. Obtain additional skills and qualifications at every opportunity. Make yourself relevant!

A little knowledge of many things is better than a great knowledge of just one thing! Enrich your CV!

In fact, as fierce as the competition is, just your ability to drive a car, or ability to speak in a foreign language can just make the difference. Let your CV be distinct.

Reduce useless social media. Spend more time reading good books, gaining more knowledge and skills. Practice good writing, presentation and public speaking. And your self confidence will be boosted.

Even if you choose entrepreneurship, these skills and knowledge will help your business success!

As for Kate, little did she know that she was her own CV and that the CV had been submitted and reviewed that moment but... sorry:

She wasn't qualified. She wasn't hired.

In just 5 minutes.

End of story.


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#2 » by NiceGuy (m) (β12652) » September 27th, 2019, 5:29 am
:thnk: Very useful post!
I'm really not that nice... :mrgreen:


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