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#1 » by XYE LEE (β111) » February 25th, 2018, 8:05 pm

so... you've seen the news,, Bitcoin is worth $$$$,, this is how you can get your hands on some for free, you dont need a permanent internet connection , nor a high powered PC ,, all of this sites , work off-site with no cost to you...

first thing ,, join the below site,, it is a virtual wallet,, find your bitcoin deposit address and copy that into notepad or just copy and paste it when needed..

then join all the below sites,, some are better than others,, but as they are all free, might as well give them all a go..

ok so now you are waiting for the catch right :D ,, well there is'nt one that i can see, other than you have to wait to earn a min amount before you can claim your payout

i make no promises about any of the above ,, but i do believe in a world where not only the top 5% of people hold all the money,, so if you think the same ,, then give it a go ...

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