Free to air satellite tv channel list Nigcomsat astra,Belinsat Intelsat,eutelsat

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July 27th, 2021, 12:50 pm

Free to air satellites tv channel list Nigcomsat 42 astra 28 Belinsat 51.5 Intelsat 68.5 eutelsat 16

Free to air satellites tv channel list and tracking tp , check purchase link to buy your free to air equipments !

5 satellites combined on 5 dishes to avoid breeze and wind distortion and channels buffering. Note this is on h2.65 hevc satellite tv decoder receiver which can decrypt more free channels!

Satellite 1

Nigcomsat 42 degree east tracking tp- 12518 H 29500 - mbc movies tvc and more

Satellite 2

astra 28 degree east - tracking tp 12525 H 29999

Satellite 3

Belinsat 51.5 - - Yoruba movie and more decoder must be h2.65 ! Tracking tp 11050 H 30000

Satellite 4

Intelsat 68.5 all nigerians churches position - tracking tp - 12562 H 29999

Satellite 5

eutelsat 16 - good for sports national tournament movies and more - tracking tp - 10804 H 30000

For free to air equipment purchases


Make sure you purchase as many dishes as possible.the more your dishes .the more your channels. Also h2.65 decoder is highly recommended!

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