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It can be quite challenging to lose fat generally, even worse if the fat you want to lose is concentrated on a particular part of the body, like your face.
Losing face fat can be quite tasking and annoying. However, there are lots of facial exercises that can help you to lose face fat in a week or two, depending on the thickness of your face fat.
Engaging in facial exercises can help improve muscle strength, fight off early signs of aging, burn facial fat, and improve the appearance of your face.

Subjective reports asserts that regular facial exercise routine can help slim down your face. A study showed that carrying out facial exercises twice daily for eight weeks considerably improved the muscle thickness and
Some facial exercises involve lips puckering, puffing out cheeks, pushing air in mouth from side to side, holding a smile in place while gritting your teeth for several seconds, and others.
In this article, we looked at eight facial exercises to lose face fat.

Facial Exercises to Lose Face Fat
1. Fish face

This is a popular facial exercise to lose face fat. Making a fish face is almost like pouting your lips, a face pose mostly used by selfie lovers. To make a fish face, suck your cheeks and lips inwardly, mimicking a fish and hold this position in place for about 2 minutes. Try adding a smile with this position still in place. Repeat the exercise all through the day for faster results. Fish face works by toning your cheek muscles.

2. Mouthwash
Mouthwash facial exercise helps to reduce double chin appearance. To perform mouthwash simply fill your mouth with air while closed and transfer the air from one side of your mouth to the other. To know if you are doing it right, try mimicking the way you swish your mouth with mouthwash. Continue this for a while, relax and repeat over again. Mouthwash facial exercise also helps to tone muscles of your cheeks, hence getting rid of face fat.

3. Simha Mudra
Simha Mudra, also called Lion Pose, involves you kneeling on the ground and placing your palms on your thighs. Stick your tongue out of your mouth and forcefully extend it downwards. Hold this position, exhale, and roar like a lion. The Simha Mudra face exercise helps tone facial muscles.

4. Neck roll
The neck roll face exercise is another facial exercise to lose face fat and double chin.
Sit on the ground with your head forward, then bend your head towards one side in line with your chin and turn your head in a circular motion. Straighten your spine and shoulders and repeat this in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. The neck roll exercise also tones muscles of different parts of your face, including your jawline, chin, and even your neck.

5. Locked tongue pose
The locked tongue pose facial exercise to lose face fat is also called Jivha Bandha. This facial exercise helps to chisel your face and contour your jawline. To perform locked tongue pose facial exercise, sit on the ground and place the tip of your tongue against the upper wall of your mouth. Keep forcing your tongue against the wall until your neck stretches. Release this position and repeat again regularly.

6. Eye focus
The eye focus facial exercise helps to smoothen your eyebrows and to eliminate wrinkles from your forehead. To perform the eye focus exercise, open your eyes wide while ensuring your eyebrows are devoid of wrinkles. Hold this position and focus at a point in the distance. Relax and repeat again.

7. Chin lock
The chin lock face exercise helps to burn facial fat while remodeling your face and toning muscles of your jaw line. For chin lock exercise, attain the Lotus position while sitting and deeply inhale. Place your hands on your keens, lift your shoulders up and bend forward, while sticking your chin against your chest. Hold on your breath as long as you can, then relax and repeat again.

8. Jaw release
The jaw release face exercise helps reduce double chin appearance and tone your cheekbones. Move your jaws as if you are trying to chew food with your mouth closed, then inhale from your nose while doing so. Hold position and relax, then repeat again.

Bottom line
Facial exercises to lose face fat is quite effective, particularly when you engage in it consistently. It’s easier for you to conceal the bulges in your stomach or other parts of your body with the choice of clothes you wear. However, it is difficult to hide the fat on your face, except of course with makeup. So, wouldn’t it be better if you completely lose face fat and achieve the chiseled look of a model?
Therefore, while losing body fat, you can equally engage in facial exercise to lose face fat and attain well-sculpted cheekbones.

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