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A healthy office space can act as a professional playground and an educational atmosphere that helps foster higher levels of efficiency. These learning strategies and tools can help Millennial employees perform better on the job while improving retention and output rates for employers. Productivity in business goes beyond working your head out, it also entails being efficient at work place harnessing both play and work towards greater corporate achievements. Below are super smart ways of managing time for productivity in business;

Implement emerging technologies:
Education technology has become a major investment for companies to train and retain their employees. According to McKinsey and Company, effective training combines programs that engage participants, specialized training modules, online and in-person instruction and curriculum that focuses on skilled tasks via physical and digital simulations.

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Emerging and artificial intelligent tools can help streamline this learning process and therefore increase efficiency in the workforce. Amongst emerging innovations, AI and automated tools can help foster collaborative learning environments. Salesforce, for example, has developed leading learning and development programs that are customizable and digitized for individual employees to help keep them engaged and productive.

AI's machine learning algorithms can help career development, and thus productivity, in numerous ways:

Personalized and more effective learning: Back-end machine learning like voice recognition via speech identification patterns and intelligent user-friendly interfaces can adapt to workers' specific learning styles and needs. In addition, computers can analyze data to provide real-time feedback during training sessions to help modify a user's learning path based on progress and response. For example, a test can help recommend a specific curriculum based on the learner's input and offer more efficient learning strategies.

Build training reinforcements: Most companies aren't great at reinforcing their trainees. But, career development strategies need to be encouraged so workers can implement, retain and practice the skills they've just been taught. AI can improve learning recall easily. In addition, intelligent systems and apps can engage us and help reinforce employees to produce patterns in the way they operate, increasing their ability to integrate new techniques in the workplace.

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Measure ROI and effectiveness: AI-driven big data can help organizations keep track of key performers in the workplace. Intelligent software can now scan large amounts of data from multiple sources including online surveys and assessments. By analyzing daily activity in different learning management systems and training programs, AI can help pinpoint strengths and the areas that need improvement for each employee. It can even match employee profiles to create mentorships or partner employees with similar learning styles. Based on analyzed success and failure metrics, AI tools can help streamline the training and learning process on-the-job so that employees can see productive results in their everyday tasks.

As technology evolves, it can help foster multidirectional career progress among a highly knowledgeable talent pool and create an environment where business practices are more efficient and innovative along the way.

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That a very good write-up.

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