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#1 » by Dia mon (β87.06) » August 1st, 2020, 5:16 pm
I have seen many families complaining of their pot of soup inability to stay up to a week talk of reaching two weeks,but within myself i know that there must be a reason why their soup doesn't last.

Family planning is one of the techniques that will enlighten you on some of the ways to handle your family,which the aspect of food is not excluded.One of the things you should consider before making a list of the requirement for cooking any soup is the number of people in the family who will be included in eating the food,the more people you have in a family,the more you add money which will automatically increase the quantity of the soup.

For instance,if a family that comprises of father,mother and two children always use two thousand naira in cooking one pot of soup in a week,it won't be the same amount of money in a family that comprises of father,mother,five children,grandfather,grandmother,uncle and aunt,as the money will highly increase because of the high number of people in the family.

Aside this,knowing how to make your soup to last for at least one week or even stay up to two weeks is another important family planning everyone should know,this will actually help you in making some savings as things are getting high everyday by day in the country.

Now read on how you can make your pot of soup last for two weeks.

Just as I said,one of the ways of making your soup last for about two weeks is by increasing the quantity of the soup.You have to make some calculations within your self,if soup cooked with two thousand naira always last for a week in your home,then increasing the amount of money to four or five thousand naira will help in extending the soup from one week to two weeks.

This will also help in reducing some stress for you and some minor money like money for the transportation to the market and also prolong the duration of your kerosene or gas as you won't be cooking soup all the time.

In order to avoid loosing the original taste of the soup,put the soup in the refrigerator and be taking it in small small quantity until the last day of it.

Aside maintaining the taste of the soup,putting the soup in the refrigerator will also help in making sure the soup does not sour.

In a family where everyone eat one particular food always,that food will barely last.Eating it always will make it not to reach the number of days you may be expecting it to reach,so try eating it once in a while.

You can be switching it with any food like porridge yam.

If you are seeking on how to prevent your soup from finishing quick,consider cooking the soup in a large quantity,then put it in a refrigerator to avoid loosing the original taste,and then eat it once in a while.

With the above techniques,the duration of your pot of soup will be extended

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#2 » by James1237 (β2.05) » April 13th, 2021, 5:18 pm


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