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For businesses of all shapes and sizes, social media represents the most widely-used marketing tool out there today. Brands are tirelessly working to bring their services to a customer, they work so hard either by hiring marketing firms or it is been managed by their own staff member(s), the bottom line is they eventually build a large audience and many lose them quicker than they were able to build. Doing the wrong things. I will be sharing some tips that will help you stay relevant on social media platforms;

1. Don’t neglect your social media account: Use your social media! Having several social media accounts be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube or Twitter account isn’t enough. You have to maintain your accounts to make them work for you. Many of the largest tech-driven corporations in the world don’t often apply a blanket policy of being active on every single social media platform. The main reason to avoid going live on multiple platforms is due to a lack of resources – both human and financial. Relatively you may not have enough manpower and resources to manage those various social media platforms. I advise you run on few social media platforms to help you maintain a steady consistency and this way you won’t leave any social media feed-backs from your audiences unattended to which could reduce their trust in your brand. For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s best to focus on just one or two major platforms.

2. Don’t project yourself “Needy”: You should never ask your followers to ‘please retweet’ or beg your Facebook friends continuously to “follow you” doing this tells little of the composure of your brand which some audience can see as instability and no one wants to trade with an unstable brand. Also, you post something creative, and of course you’re enthused by your post. You posted it! But don’t like your own material. Though you can encourage your employees, however, to share and like the material that is posted. Your employees can be your brands greatest ambassadors, but never post and “like” what you posted.

3. Don’t excessively use hashtags: We all know that hashtags are like a doorway to an open field, but several doors leading to the same field can be confusing, so also is an excessive attachment of hashtags to a post. Using appropriate hashtags connects your post to other related posts on that topic and it should be used for this purpose only, and not for letting your post look fancy with that hashtag. Though knowing how to properly use them makes every of your post diamond.

4. Don’t ignore comments: It is vital to engage with your customers. With no engagement, they may feel as if you don’t care about their question, comment or concern. It all comes back to customer service. Don’t ignore relevant comments. Use them as an opportunity to interact with your followers and show them how you address positive and negative situations. Don’t delete negative comments. Acknowledging the problem can not only make an upset customer happy, but it can also prevent the company from any issue later. Addressing negative comments shows that your company is proactive in resolving issues and that you aim to serve your customers.

In Conclusion, I hope the “don’ts” of social media marketing listed is helpful to you, your social media pretense represents what your brand upholds.

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