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#1 » by Xbrmathias2 (β958) » March 26th, 2020, 9:09 am

As the Covid-19 pandemic has got people staying indoors, people are now resorting to new ways of living.
Being in quarantine is more or less like serving a prison term because you can’t go out to visit your favourite places freely or buy your favourite foods as you used to as and when you craved for them.
Well, as the saying goes, life is how you make it. A man in self-quarantine had a strong craving for Cheetos but there was no way he could go out to get it himself, so he kept racking his brain until a smart option occurred to him.

Antonio Muñoz from Mexico who was just three days into his quarantine at home sent his pet dog chihuahua to run him an errand.

Guess how he did it! He inserted money into the dog’s collar, attached a note which read: “Hello Mr Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they’re too hot.

“She has $20 attached to her collar. WARNING: She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbour.”
If you were sceptical about the dog’s ability to run the errand to expectation, then you’ve been proven wrong. It returned with a packet of orange Cheetos held between its little gnashers.

Antonio who could not hide his joy filmed the scene and shared on Facebook with the caption: “Day three of quarantine. I wanted my Cheetos.”

The footage has since gone viral on social media with over 241,000 and many reactions. ... od/e7g7c3h

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#2 » by eMade (f) VIP (β45346) » March 26th, 2020, 9:12 am

Interesting. :mrgreen:
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#3 » by AK Horsfall VIP (β12535) » March 26th, 2020, 10:24 am

Wow, improvisive
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