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We are in the digital age, where thousands of businesses are marketing their products and services online — all contending for that coveted conversion. Not only does social media build credibility and reputation, but it also allows companies to interact directly with customers and clients, but with so many social media marketing options available, marketers must decide on what best practices and what tactics to clamour on.

We hope the Do’s of Social Media Marketing guidelines we’ve provided within this article should not only entertain you but make you rebuild your current social media strategy.

1. Do understand your audience: Knowing you run a company is as important as knowing who your audience is, who are you selling to? What do they do? knowing your target audience at a base level will have a say in when and what you post. This way relatively helps you know what your the customer thinks about your brand it’s like handing out a questionnaire, it helps you promote your social media presence and that way a bond of trust and credibility is formed between you and your audience.

2. Do have a plan: Remember why you’re using social media in the first place. By setting a set of realistic and attainable goals you will be able to test what works and what doesn’t and adapt your online marketing strategy from there, If you expect to see results, having a clear strategy will help you set goals, which will be analyzed down the road to see if you’re getting a return. It will help you know what social media platform to get on based on your kind of business.

3. Do Post Regularly: Being relevant have all to do with continuity, be committed to your activities on your social
media platforms, consistency is key. You should post often enough that you stay top-of-mind with consumers, but not so much that they find you annoying or repetitive. We recommend you posts on all your social media platforms at least 2-3 times a week.

4. Do attend to your Audience: The truth is everyone following a brand on social media wants some sort of interaction, no one loves the feeling of being ignored, therefore pay attention to audience interaction.
Always be available to give a response to your audience when the need arises, possibly hire a digital marketing firm to help you run your online presence, tasked to keep track of all your social media platforms. Paying attention to your online audience cannot be

overemphasized. No matter how emotionally connected you may be to your brand, you must give the brand ambassadors—the consumer—attention. Listening is key. Bottom Line- Not all social media channels will work for all purposes—and your audiences might not be active on certain channels—so it’s important to start with an
overview of those you are attempting to connect with and what social media platform works for your brand.

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