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#1 » by Gloria50 VIP (β85.81) » May 3rd, 2021, 9:03 pm
Thousands of Manchester United fans descended on the pitch to demonstrate against the club's American owners, who they believe are not handling the club prudently but instead are driven by greed. This comes after a series of blockades were set up outside the Lowry Hotel, where Manchester United players and workers were staying. For the United players, it was such a traumatic experience.As they marched onto the pitch, they chanted, "We want Glazer's Family out!" and "United, United!" They were opposed to Glazer's decision to include United in the European Super Cup alongside other clubs such as Juventus, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Chelsea.They termed the act agreed and they now want the owner to leave the club.

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Please maintain social distance, wear your face masks, wash your hands regularly with sanitizer for prevention is better than cure. ... 10503en_ng

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