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#1 » by Excelsior (β551) » September 21st, 2019, 8:10 pm
The email address on your CV or Résumé is a vital contact detail. With it, the headhunter can get back to you with either good or bad news. You must include an email address on yours.

But you may wonder: what does ordinary email address have to do with a job seeker's chances of getting hired? A whole lot. Well, hang on. I'll explain.


You worked hard to get here.
You spent several years in the university. Sleepless nights and all. Sacrifices, and financial commitment. You can't imagine letting something as meagre as email address stand between you and your dream job. I fetched my experience on this subject from my brother who once advised me to change the email address on my CV.

Then, it was yarnings4cooldude@blahblah. Or something. That doesn't sound like a bad email address. Right? No. It's really not. But he advised I still changed it to something more professional like: myfirstname.lastnane@yahoo or so. That's more like it. Now let's see examples of really bad email addresses.

Why you can't take chances!
First, let's agree that many are called but a few will be chosen. A company recently needed to fill 2 positions for sales representative. The job advertisement went out! In return, they got paper applications from over 500 applicants! After sorting and narrowing down, the company needed to take just 2 out of 20 very qualified candidates.

In cases like this, every little detail matters. And any of the last 20 can be disqualified for any little detail. Even email address.

So, because the competition is very stiff for the very few available jobs, you must dot your i's and cross your t's.

Now, back to the email addresses.

The following issues regarding email address can affect the applicant's chances:

1. Wrong spellings
Imagine having to sort through over 500 CVS and in the last 20, one candidate misspells his email address. That's the end. And imagine writing or That's bad sign: lack of attention to detail. Carelessness. That CV will end in the trash can.

What if the personal data in the email is wrong? Say you want to write zeus123@ but mistakenly write zeuss123@. Then you'll never receive a reply.

Lesson: pay attention to the correctness of the email address!

2. Bad words in email
Yarnings4cooldude@whatever is not really bad. But it sends a different message to a reviewer when compared with firstname.lastname@whatever.

But the real deal is when you see something like:


or something like:

RUDEBOY247@ :lol;

Now you get the message.

Lesson: In cases this bad, simply create a new email address with responsible keywords. I recommend your real names! And avoid all the slangs!

Avoid others like:

SEXY KISS ROCKING SMOKEY SHISHA SOAPY and you know them. They don't show seriousness.

3. Unknown or uncommon email domain.
Compare firstname.last@yahoo with suzzy123@naijadudes. guru

While employers are used to, trust and accept Yahoo, Gmail, ymail, outlook, but you decide to go far even into the dark net!

Lesson: use common safe email providers and avoid using very rare and untrusted domains.

In summary, do not let little mistakes like wrong spellings, bad keywords and untrusted domains in your contact email addresses on your CV / résumé stand between you and your dream job!

Pay attention to it. Do not underestimate the importance.

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#2 » by NiceGuy (m) (β2627) » September 21st, 2019, 8:27 pm
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True talk.
I'm really not that nice... :mrgreen:


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