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CV Checklist for a Standard Curriculum Vitae

For your CV to meet up with standards and expectation, there are certain information it must include, and these will give you the best possible shot at making it to interview stage. Many at times applicants submit CVs and they never get contacted. A few missing vital info in the CV may have caused this. This is now more crucial than ever with increasing numbers of employers searching online CV databases for potential candidates; including the right information will help them find you. If you can tick off each of the following, your chances will be increased.

Biodata/Personal Details
These include your name, address, gender, phone numbers and email address. You might also wish to include details about your nationality, age, etc but these are not very essential unless otherwise specifically requested.

Working Experiences
Try listing the most recent experience first, continuing in reverse chronological order. Describe your work experience in short sentences using straightforward, positive language and highlight your key achievements.

Educational Background
Include specific skills such as IT packages or languages and state whether you're at a basic, intermediate or advanced level. It’s important you include terms used in job ads you're interested in because recruiters will use these to filter CV when searching their databases.

List brief details of your academic and professional qualifications along with the grades attained. Applicants looking for their first job since leaving education should include this information above their work experience.
Take a brief look at first-things-first-in-cv-writing-t10601.html

It's not necessary to note the details of your referees on your CV, but you should state that details of references are available on request. If this is your first job, it is a good idea to nominate tutors or mentors. Do not forget to ask your referees first for permission to cite them.

If your skills haven't already persuaded recruiters to offer you an interview, the fact that you enjoy a round of golf won't change their mind. However, hobbies will give the interviewer a more rounded picture and are evidence of self-motivation and commitment.
Take a brief look at hobbies-interests-in-your-cvs-resumes-say-a-lot-about-you-t2391.html

Keep your CV to two sides. It should look clean and tidy with no frills or fancy attachments, and all the information should be clearly signposted. If you are printing and posting your CV, stick to good quality white paper.

These tips among others will increase your chances rather than creating roadblocks between you and your dream. Good luck!

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