Cubana Chief Priest & Imo State Signs Partnership Deal With Infinix Mobile

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February 8th, 2022, 7:43 am

Wow, are you still sleeping on Infinix products or having a second thought about the brand?

Cubana Chief priest visits Infinix Mobile for a partnership deal today. The well known cubana_chiefpriest visited Infinix Mobile NG to purchase 2,700 smart HD 2021 phones that will be given out to Imo Youths for the Imo Valentine Concert.

He further said, the Smart HD phone will give opportunities to Imolites to take advantage of the amazing social media space to better their lives.

Just Concluded A Partnership Deal & Purchase Of 2,700 @infinixnigeria Smart HD 2021 Phones That Will Be Given Out To Imo Youths By My Office The Special Adviser To @he_hopeuzodimma The Executive Governor Of Imo State On Social Media Influence This Saturday 12th Feb. 2022 At Hero’s Square Where We Will Have The Hope For Imo Valentine Concert. These Phones Are Super Smart With An Amazing 13 Months Warranty, Feel Free To Google It To Know Better. These Phones Will Give Opportunities To Imolites To Take Advantage Of The Amazing Social Media Space To Better Their Lives & That Of Our Dear IMO State. More Updates Coming !!! Plenty Love❤️ Is In The Air.


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