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A visit to the newsfeed of your favourite social media platform will show you nothing but news about the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the whole world with a relentless force akin to that of a heavy-weight champion defending his title.

It is a deluge of sad news: new infections, lack of protective gear for medical workers, top politicians getting slammed, and the masses unable to buy food to stock up because there is poverty in the land.

Right now, the internet, TV, radio, and newspapers are places that can easily suck out your joy and leave you in a well of depression. While it is good to be informed of the happenings around you, you should not forget that allowing yourself to absorb too much of negative news will not only affect your mood and mental health but soon creep into your physical health. Don’t be surprised if lethargy comes in or if your breathing becomes laboured due to panic attacks.

While I strongly believe that the human race will survive COVID-19, I also know that we can keep our sanity while at it. Would you love to travel to different worlds and forget about the coronavirus? Maybe you want to see beautiful islands, visit ancient civilisations, or eavesdrop as an alpha-male declares his undying love to the woman who catches his heart?

You can get to do this, free of charge, on Ficool.

For the next thirty days, all books on Ficool can be read without you paying a cent! This includes the best of romance, mystery, historical, literary, and comic novels.

You get to stay at home, stay in good mental and physical health and enjoy as many books as you want.

You can download Ficool on Google Play Store and start reading immediately. No more buying of coins to access. What’s more, concise and well-prepared handbooks on COVID-19 are available on Ficool. Use this to sensitize family and friends on how to stay safe in this period.

We love you and are committed to your well-being.

#Ficoolcares #staysafe

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