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Programmatic marketing has been tipped to be the future of digital marketing and according to Forrester and Baynetfuse, programmatic will account for the majority of all digital advertising spending over the next few years.

An idea of programmatic will open up a better means of your brand getting a run for your money on ads budget.

What then is programmatic marketing?

Best said that – programmatic marketing is an automated method of targeting a specific audience you wish to show your advertising to. Which can cover segments across demographics as gender, social status, age and also geographic locations in certain areas of the country? As with Paid Search you can also limit the number of your ads to specific times of the day and frequency based on your budget convenience. You can also decide on which publishers you want your ads to show and delivered to the right people at the right time, this way you are only paying for highly effective ads.

How does it work

When you buy a new appliance you go through the manual right? as the first point of duty. The same with programmatic marketing, you must know the ropes to be able to get the best of your ads.

When anyone clicks on a web page that is configured for programmatic advertising, the publisher of the page puts up an advert impression for auction in an advert marketplace. The advert marketplace automatically runs an auction among other advertisers interested in displaying an advert to that specific customer that just click on the page. There may be many advertisers competing in this auction, and whichever one ultimately is willing to bid the most wins the auction and then their advert is displayed to the customer when the page loads.

Because the process is automated and the maximum price each advertiser is willing to bid for the impression has already been programmed in, the auction can be completed within the milliseconds it takes for the page to load.

The Bottom line is the ease programmatic marketing brings to the digital marketing world, I hope this article helps you build the foundation of what programmatic marketing entails. We will delve deeper in the next article.

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