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1. Do dwarf fence (see through fence) in your house to avert enclosure that is capable of easing attack to your house.

2. Do security wires on your fence (sides and back).

3. Have a whistle at home for likely midnight emergency to alert your neighbours and security guards.

4. Save and keep your Community or Estate's Security phone contacts in case of emergency.

5. Challenge anybody roaming about aimlessly in your street or community/Estate.

6. Be on your Residents' whatsapp platform for regular information and update.

7. Be watchful and or vigilant within and without.

8. Put on all security lights in your house throughout the night.

9. All Tenants should fill minimum of Information or Guarantor's form before moving into any apartment in your community/estate.

10. All Landlords/residents should pay the monthly security dues in order to retain your Security Guards.

11. Obey security instructions in your estate or community in order to serve you better.

12. Do not respond to strange persons telling you about NNPC and PHCN Contracts or errors in your accounts, they are fraudsters.

13. Do not ever stay in the midst of a mob, if anybody dies from the mob action and you are apprehended at the scene, you will become a Murder Suspect!

14. Always watch your rear glass mirror while driving to ascertain if you are being trailed. If yes, drive to the nearest Police Station for safety.

15. When flagged down by security agents, be calm, polite and communicate with them in good English, it helps.

16. Unruly behaviours capable of disturbing Community/public peace should be reported accordingly.

17. Know your neighbours names and what they do for a living to avert unwanted dangers.

18. Get Guarantors and do background check on your personal aides and househelps.

19. Any Landlord/Resident of questionable character and noted to be security threats should be reported.

20. Don't discuss money carelessly and recklessly in your house. Such may attract suspicion and sudden attacks.

22. Have the phone contacts of many Landlords/residents in your area for relationship and contacts in case you are under security duress.

23. Don't leave your house/premises without an adult, especially at night. If you must, let your neighbours and the security in your community/estate know.

24. If you are robbed and any of your property is taken away by the robbers, you should report the incident to the nearest police station within minutes. Because if the robbers are caught and your property is found with them; without your report in the Police Station recorded, you will be deemed to be part of the robbers!

25. Do not buy used phones or laptops, except you are buying from a known friend and you have ascertained that he was the previous User. It could be a product of armed robbery or kidnapping. If so and you are arrested, you will be dealing with a case of armed robbery or kidnapping.

26. Do not offer lift to anybody at night, for any reason whatsoever except you are fully persuaded to do so.

27. Do not buy vehicles from vendors until you check the registration details at the National Vehicles Registration Database to know the actual owner or you ascertain that the Customs Papers are genuine. It could be stolen, robbed vehicles or a product of a kidnapping operation.

28. Put your Car Remote Control beside you in the night in case of any strange movement to alert the security men and neighbours for possible reactions.

29. Do not leave Credit Alerts on your phone. Delete them immediately, if possible. It could make you a target of kidnapping in some circumstances.

30. During emergency, switch off all the lights in your first to strategize and destabilise the suspects.

31. Your Security men should be trained and qualified to do constant security work and patrol.

32. Thorough checking by security men at the estate or community gate should be encouraged, especially of visitors if your community or estate rules will permit it.

33. All Landlords should have the biodata of their Tenants called "Know Your Tenants" (KYT).

34. Do not disclose your location online. It could make you an easy target for assailants.

35. Do not give anybody, no matter how close, your phone or sim to make calls or allow people to put their sims in your phone to make calls. Instead, offer them airtime or your battery. If the person is wanted for a crime, you could be a soft target for the Police to get to the person.

36. If you are stopped by security agents at night, put on your inner lights before you reach them. It shows you have nothing to hide.

37. Do not allow anybody to use your account or email for a third party transaction and do not transfer money for or to people indiscriminately because you could be a soft target for the Police to get to the Person.

38. Do not use ATMs at remote locations at night because you could be robbed or kidnapped.

39. Do not use an ATM Machine that shows Microsoft Error or any other error covering the screen. It may have been programmed by Yahoo Boys to siphon your money.

40. Do not give testimonies in churches or mosques with details of how you are making money or acquiring priced assets. You may acquire a kidnapping value. Churches and mosques are always of mixed crowd.

41. Keep details of your financial dealings away from your domestic staff and security details.

42. If you are working in a Government Establishment or Multinational, be careful what you relate to your colleagues. Governments have spies in every establishment and organisation in Nigeria.

43. Always keep your security/outside lights on and the lights inside your house off when sleeping at night. It confuses robbers and other assailants.

44. Be careful what you communicate on FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Message or normal phone calls. They could easily be used as evidence against you. If you must make a classified communication, do it by WhatsApp calls. It cannot be recorded as it is an encrypted, end to end communication.

45. Read documents very well before you sign. You are bound by what you sign. Do not allow any police man or security agent, security agent or uniformed personnel to force you to make any statements. Insist on seeing your Lawyer if pressurised; they will oblige you. Never make a statement for any reason that will implicate you, if you are not a criminal, as it could lead you to jail.

46. If you have Security Details, be careful what you say or do in their presence. They are also with you to spy on you, who knows.

47. Be your neighbour's friends as they are capable of bailing you out in times of dangers.

48. Buy and keep touchlights in your house for night use and to identify dangers.

49. Never allow your children to open doors for strangers. It could amount to security threats.

50. Don't give artisans the opportunity to know the geography of your house. They can be collaborators.

51. Be careful of how you respond to duress and suspecting investigative calls. It might be recorded and used against you.

52. Install and engage CCTV cameras in your house, if you can afford it. It enables you to capture illegal activities.

53. Don't keep dangerous weapons in open places around your house. They can be used by assailants to harm you.

54. Having active security dogs like Alsatians, Rotweilers, etc, (not local dogs) easily wades off criminals and alerts you of the presence of assailants.

55. Always have enough credit on your phone before sleeping, never sleep without airtime on your phone.

56. It is not until you have issues before recognizing that the police exists. Be a friend to the police.

57. You must have the Police Control Room Number of your state. Call the number first as it can save your life and I tell you it works.


Wishing you the best now and always!

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Life is simple. Seriously. :mrgreen:

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#2 » by Guest (β0) » April 14th, 2020, 11:26 pm
This is the right info, but how many people will follow it?

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#3 » by ItuGlobal (β3797) » April 14th, 2020, 11:27 pm
This is the right info, but how many people can follow it?
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#4 » by eMade (f) VIP (β634896) » April 15th, 2020, 9:18 am
ItuGlobal wrote:This is the right info, but how many people can follow it?

Lets share the info.
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#5 » by makavelli25 VIP (β13464) » April 15th, 2020, 9:40 am
Guest wrote:This is the right info, but how many people will follow it?
Thats the problems with us
We pratically disobey whats useful for us.
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