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In the early part of 2020, Burna Boy made a statement that got social media in a frenzy stating that ‘No one paved the way for him’ in the Naija music industry.

This got people reacting in different ways with some supporting his views while others against it stating that he couldn’t have been where he is today if not for the work of some artistes before him who made breaking into the international market easier for him.

In his recent interview with Douglas Jekan on PGM Radio Show, Burna Boy, reinforcing that stance but this time, making his point clearer, stated that the reasons behind the opinion.

One of these reasons according to Burna Boy is the meaning of the phrase “paved way” to an average Nigerian which he said is different from what the generally accepted definition of the term “paved way “. This reason is coupled with his experience in the music industry, which he said, he has seen enough to stick to that belief that he worked his way to where he is and no one paved the way for him, rather most of what they did on the way were mistakes of misrepresentation both of Nigeria and Nigerians, making it difficult for him to demand his worth at the beginning of his career as an international artiste. ... heres-why/
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