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President Buhari says the era of Boko Haram terrorism is gradually drawing to end,with the narrowing of the recruitment base of the insurgents,and renewed onslaught by the Nigerian Army.
The President stated this when he received the Letter of Credence of Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to Nigeria, Most Rev.Archbishop Antonio Filipazzi, at the State House,Abuja on Tuesday.
Buhari noted that the terrorist group had lost appeal in its initial strongholds,necessitatinga steady retreat that would eventually culminate in ending the insurgency.
He said,“You can’t indoctrinate people who are below the age of 14 years and blow up churches,mosques, markets and you keep shouting God is great."
“It is either you don’t know what you are saying,or you simply don’t care or believe what you are saying. It is part of our success story that Boko Haram is finding it more difficult to recruit people. ... uhari.html?

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