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Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, has said
in a new video that he is tired of the calamity
befalling his group.
“I am tired of this calamity; it is better I die and go
to rest in paradise”, he said at the end of the 10-
minute video.
In the video, delivered chiefly in Hausa, Mr. Shekau
couldn’t hide his frustration on the continued
hostility and loss of his supporters to government
With a broken voice that clearly betrayed his
emotion, Mr. Shekau pleaded with his non-
combatant members across Nigeria to pick up arms
and help him fight till he drops dead.
The terror group’s leader, however, remained
Flanked by two hooded armed men, Mr. Shekau
said the latest claim by the military that the group
had been sent packing from Sambisa forest was
He boasted that he is still in Sambisa forest and still
controls the territory.
He said that his men would continue to fight
regardless of the recent induction of Cameroonian
soldiers into the Operation Lafiya Dole counter
insurgency force.
Below is the full text of the translated speech by the
Boko Haram leader.
“I have no lengthy message to deliver except on the
issue of worshiping God alone and serving Him
without getting tired. Ours in not like that of the
unbelievers whose worship is like the spider web.
Just like one of the leaders of unbelievers, who is
like an ape, was recently boasting that they have
formed a joint force with Cameroonian forces to
fight us.
“That they would not only chase us from Sambisa
forest but also in all parts of Nigeria. So we too
have declared that we do not want to see any
Nigerian in Cameroon, in Chad, in Nigeria and even
Benin Republic. So I call on our brethren in Abuja, in
Lagos, in Benin, in Kaduna, where ever you find any
Nigerian make sure you shoot him dead if he is
deliberately against us; but if he is ignorant of our
ways, teach him on how to understand our ways.
This is our first message.
“It is not about approaching you, because that has
already been done by our God.
“Our second message is to attack anyone who
pledge to Nigerian his country, to be faithful, loyal
and honest, and serve Nigeria. Anyone who
believes in protecting the interest of Nigeria is our
target. The one whose creed is to develop western
education where infidels are trained is our enemy.
Whoever that stands on any creed other than that of
our Prophet Muhammad brought to us; the one that
his great disciples followed, should know that he is
our avowed enemy and if he confronts us we will
fight him.
“In this job that we embarked upon, we are not
going to boast too much about, but we pray that
God should take our lives while on this struggle and
not on any other thing else. May God help us on this
“So you Nigerians especially the youth vigilante, we
are going to fight you and that thing that drives you
to pick up arms against us; we don’t care what they
call you, be it Civilian-JTF or any kind of force. Just
as you said you don’t want us on the face of
Nigeria, so shall we too declare you persona non
grata in Sambisa. Let anyone who has brains to
think to avoid moving around Sambisa forest. Those
of you the leaders of the troops will no longer have
peace just like the way you think you have made
here uncomfortable for us.
“And you General Rogers that is currently leading
the troops and boasting that that you have take-
over Sambisa and have rescued some women, why
have you not rescued the police women that we
abducted? You liar, why couldn’t you rescue them?
You are busy deceiving with images of vehicles that
we seized from you and abandoned for over three
years and claiming that you have killed us. If you
have killed us, why are we still alive?
“Oh you brethren of our holy creed, wherever you
are, should rise up and fight for Allah. If you cannot
do it there, then come over to our side and fight for
the cause of Allah. You must know that whoever
that fails to follow the teaching of the Holy Quran
and Hadith cannot enter paradise. (In broken voice)
Because the pattern of life in the world today is not
Islamic. Wherever you are, even if you are in Saudi
Arabia, and you have your gun, please stand up and
fight, kill whoever you see that is not on our side.
Kidnap and bring them to us. Our course is to
establish our caliphate and die doing that.
We may not be alive to see the caliphate but even if
it comes to be after we have died, it is still a bonus
on our side.
“This is the message I have for you all. My name is
Abubakar Shekau, the one that is an invincible
enemy that you are fighting.
“That is our stand. I am tired of this calamity; it is
better I die and go to rest in paradise.”
Source: Premium Times

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