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#1 » by swapixnigeria (β237) » March 29th, 2019, 12:12 pm
While using your phone you might have noticed that it becomes working slower and slower. You probably tried to fix this and deleted the files you don’t need. But it keeps working slowly. The only option left as you think is to reset your phone to factory defaults.

Yet, don’t hurry up! There is another option! Just clear out the app cache. Cache is the app’s temporary files and other data. If you delete it all your personal data and settings configuration will be safe. However, you may lose saved log-ins, games and other personal data. If you want to keep these files just save them or perform a system backup first.

There are several methods on how to delete the cache. It depends on the Android version you have on your phone. For example, Google has removed the option of deleting the caches from recovery mode in Android 7.1 and higher.

So, just find out which Android you have. For that just head to the Settings menu and open the information about your phone. You will see there the version of your Android.

Android 7.1 and higher

If your Android is higher than 7.1 tries doing the following:

- Open your play market store and find the Files app by Google. Give the app all the permissions during the installation.
- After you open the app it will inform you what junk files you have. You can delete them. That’s it.

The other way is to delete caches of the individual apps. You can do it from the System Settings. For that:

-Open Settings on your phone
-Go to Apps and Notifications
-See all the apps
-Tap the name of an app
-Tap «Data usage»
-Tap «Clear Cache»
-Repeat these actions for every app
-Restart the phone in the end

Android 7 and earlier

If your Android version is 7 and earlier you can clear your caches instantly with the help of recovery mode:
-Turn off your device
-Press and hold the power and the volume down buttons until you see a recovery mode on the screen of your device
-Select the language
Select «Wipe data and Cache»
-Then select «Wipe Cache»
-Confirm your actions
-After it deletes the caches, select «Reboot» to restart your phone.

If your phone keeps on working slowly after all these actions the only step you will have to do is to reset your phone to factory defaults.

However, if your phone is very old, the better option will be to sell it and buy a modern one. On Swapix Nigeria you can easily choose any for an affordable price, call the seller to meet and buy your phone.

Do you know the other methods to speed up your phone? Please, share with us in the comments section below!

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#2 » by Tec (β687) » March 31st, 2019, 5:52 am
Yes, by gettinga phone with very large RAM.
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#3 » by Favour12 (β2) » April 30th, 2019, 2:50 am
Are you sure about this?


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