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Below we present an 8-point solution and cure to procrastination in 2018. These practical and easy steps are sure-fire ways that will work charm and you will stop procrastinating immediately. Take a look.


Below I give you the steps to getting rid of procrastination problems:

After some personal research, these will help.

1. Accept it
Yes you have already accepted that you PROCRASTINATE by reading this post.

2. Get to the root cause.
What leads you to putting such things off till last minute? Laziness? Anxiety? Lack of experience in that field? Or misclassification of priorities? Solve that root cause first.

By priority I mean you have misclassification something that is urgent and important as important and not urgent? I will explain this in the priority quadrant below.

3. Change your thoughts.
Yes, the battle of the mind is the most important thing. If you lose a battle in your mind, then the physical battle is lost too. You have to motivate yourself and prepare yourself mentally that now you want to become a more mature, responsible and respected individual who can do what he should at the right time. Prepare your mind and kill that feeling that weighs you down when you need to get going.

4. Focus on the reward, not the process or stress.
To help your mind better, focus on the reward of completing that task. Keeping your eyes on the prize all the time will motivate you to tackle all obstacles and will help you to focus less on the stress of getting there.

For example, you need to make a long blog post (or a topic on this forum If you focus on the process of researching and typing, awwh! You will most likely dump it till later time. But if you always focus on the benefits that follow hitting that PUBLISH button, then you will spring into action quickly. Same applies to every task in this world. If a task has no rewards, maybe it's not useful or it falls to the least quadrant which I will explain below. Not urgent and not important. Stay tuned.

5. Prioritize!
Yes here we are. Every task in this world falls into one of four quadrants viz (as presented by

The Priority Quadrant
Qi. Urgent and important
Qii. Urgent but not important
Qiii. Not urgent but important
Qiv. Not urgent and not important

Now, you must quickly perform this operation when you are about doing a task. Task in Qi must go first. And in that order. And Qiv may wait till later. We can discuss this in another topic.

6. Plan your time and day
This is super important. Planning your time and day will make sure your day is organized and make sure of more important things. While planning, you can arrange tasks with the use of the Priority Quadrant, and also apportion time to task.

Use a day planner or pen and paper to write down and arrange your tasks. With that carried with you and check frequently throughout the day, you can quickly identify if you have started procrastinating or not.

7. Take action. Eat that frog.
Yes, breath in... And... Take the first step.

“Take small actions and they will build upon each other.”

Don't try to take on huge steps. Take small steps and they will add up. Looking at huge steps can discourage you. But break down the steps, and take one after the other. Try it today.

Take that first small step now. And the rest is solved.

8. Finally, get rewarded!
Yes, get rewarded for completing the task and for killing procrastination.
Procrastination (n) has been declared wanted dead or alive for centuries. It has destroyed many people's careers and it has broken many homes. It's a thief of time. And no one has been able to kill it. If you are able to kill it, don't you think rewards will follow?

To the point, if you complete your task on time, rewards should follow: your boss respects and lives you more because you always deliver. That's recommendations and promotions and job security.

Your partners and friends see you as a more reliable person. That's rewarding.

You have more free time to enjoy relaxing time because you have wrapped up your work quickly. That's self assuring and it builds self confidence, self esteem and respect and maturity.

The task itself may earn you instant returns. Could be money, pr, et cetera.

So, get rewarded now.

With this, my friend, the obituary poster of Procrastination (n) should be out already.

With much love from Bestnaija Community online.

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