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Did you know that with zero Naira you can open a Zenith Bank account today?
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Below are 5 easy ways to open a Zenith Bank account.

1. The *966*0# USSD code.
Try it and see. You'll get your account number immediately.

2. The Zenith Bank mobile app!
The new app is super cool and easy. With it installed on your device, you can open your Zenith Bank account freely and get your account number instantly.
Visit your device App Store or go to to download it.

3. ATM machine!
Visit any of Zenith Bank ATM machines nationwide and select Open Account and follow the instructions on screen. You get your account number instantly.

4. Zenith Bank website!
Visit the bank's website at and select Open Account Online. And it's there and there.

5. Any Branch!
Enter into any branch of the bank nationwide and you get your account number within minutes even if you visited with nothing!

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these easy ways to bank with Naija's numero uno bank - Zenith Bank!


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ZB *966# Banking - Zero Account Opening



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